Alexander Academy

About Alexander Academy 

Alexander Academy is situated in the central area of downtown Vancouver. Their campus is conveniently reachable through public transportation, and they utilize various learning centers across downtown Vancouver to conduct their activities and classes. Alexander Academy is a distinguished private school operating under the authority of the British Columbia Ministry of Education. With a strong reputation worldwide, the academy offers a tailored educational journey for every student, focusing on a challenging academic curriculum. Additionally, students have the option to pursue our comprehensive high school graduation program, which leads to the prestigious BC Dogwood Diploma. This diploma is recognized globally and is issued by the province of British Columbia, signifying successful completion of high school studies.Alexander Academy is a day school that welcomes both male and female students in grades 9-12. The school’s primary focus is to offer educational programs that ignite students’ drive to pursue their own unique paths to success. Acknowledging that each student possesses distinct academic aspirations, learning approaches, passions, and talents, the academy places a strong emphasis on enabling students to push their academic boundaries. The dedicated teachers ensure that students have ample opportunities to challenge themselves intellectually and achieve their desired level of academic excellence. Alexander Academy fosters a safe and nurturing environment that values international perspectives, encompassing a curriculum that integrates action, service, academics, arts, and healthy living.

Programs at Alexander Academy 

BC Graduation Program: 

The BC Graduation Program at Alexander Academy is officially authorized by the province of British Columbia. Students who fulfill the graduation requirements set by the province receive the prestigious “British Columbia Dogwood Diploma,” also known as the B.C. Certificate of Graduation. The academy’s curriculum is designed to facilitate personalized learning, offering quality teaching and learning experiences, flexibility in selecting courses, and upholding high academic standards.

University Transfer Program: 

The University Transfer Program at Alexander Academy offers a unique opportunity for students to concurrently complete high school courses and university transfer courses at Alexander College. This program is designed for students in grades 11 and 12 who require fewer than 10 credits to graduate and allows students to fulfill their compulsory high school studies within a ten-month timeframe while simultaneously earning university credits for up to two university transfer courses.

English Language Development Program: 

The English Language Development Program at Alexander Academy is a comprehensive preparatory program that enhances essential English language skills within the high school environment. Comprising four distinct levels, the program emphasizes language acquisition through academic subjects like science, social studies, literature, cultural understanding, and communications. Its primary objective is to cultivate students’ proficiency in academic study and active participation, thereby ensuring their success in the BC Graduation Program. Prior to enrollment, students undergo assessment evaluations to determine their oral, reading, and writing proficiency levels. Based on the evaluation results, they are placed in the appropriate supplemental program to support their language development.

Summer School: 

The summer school courses provided by Alexander Academy serve the purpose of assisting students in enhancing their grades to prepare for the subsequent academic year. Additionally, participating in summer school enables certain students to graduate on schedule, thereby qualifying them for earlier admission to university.

Admission Requirements 

  1. Academic Requirements: Applicants must submit their official transcripts or academic records. If these documents are not in English, they must be translated and officially certified.
  2. Supporting Documentation: A copy of the applicant’s passport, and a passport size photo must be submitted in addition to the application form.
  3. Interview: Candidates are required to participate in an interview/family conversation, which will be arranged by the Admissions Office once the application has been reviewed. It’s important to note that interviews will only be scheduled once the application and all supporting documents have been received in their entirety.

Tuition, Fees and Refund Policy

Tuition and Fees: 

  1. Application Fee (non-refundable): $300 CAD
  2. Program Tuition:$22,800 CAD per year
  3. School Uniform Fee (one-time fee): $900 CAD
  4. Combined Health Insurance Fee (MSP + Private): $1200 CAD per year
  5. Student Service Fee: $1,000 CAD per year
  6. Homestay + Custodianship Fee: $7,000 CAD – $9,000 per semester

Refund Policy: 

If an international student’s visa application is declined by a Canadian Embassy outside of Canada, they will be eligible for a refund of the full prepaid tuition fee, excluding a processing fee of $300 CAD. To initiate the refund process, the student must provide the completed Tuition Refund Request Form along with the mandatory original letter of rejection.


Alexander Academy operates with open enrolment for its programs, meaning that applications for admission are accepted until the add/drop/change deadline of a specific semester based on available space.

Facilities at Alexander Academy

  1. Classrooms: The school has well-equipped small sized classrooms that provide a suitable learning environment for students. These classrooms are designed to facilitate interactive and engaging teaching and learning experiences.
  2. Computer Labs: Alexander Academy offers computer labs with access to computers, software, and internet connectivity. These labs allow students to work on assignments, conduct research, and enhance their computer skills.
  3. Library: The school has a library or resource center that provides a collection of books, journals, and digital resources. Students can use these resources for academic research, studying, and accessing course materials.
  4. Study Areas: Alexander Academy provides designated study areas or spaces where students can concentrate on their coursework and collaborate with peers. These areas may include quiet study rooms, group study rooms, and communal spaces.
  5. Student Lounge: The school has a student lounge area where students can relax, socialize, and interact with their peers. This space may have comfortable seating, tables, and recreational amenities.
  6. Student Services: The school offers student services such as academic advising, counseling, and support for career development. These services aim to assist students in achieving their academic and personal goals.
  7. Field Trips: We complement our courses with field trips to diverse destinations throughout the lower mainland, enriching the learning experience. These field trips encompass visits to nature centers, local businesses, museums, and amusement parks, among other potential locations.
  8. Clubs and Outdoor Activities: These activities have a primary goal of equipping students with vital life skills. Their intention is for students to disconnect from the demands of daily routines and instead focus on recognizing, implementing, and reflecting upon strategies that can improve and sustain their overall well-being.
  9. Volunteer Opportunities: The school facilitates connections between students and local charitable organizations, providing opportunities for them to actively engage in events that promote social awareness and foster a sense of global citizenship.
  10. Homestay: Homestays at Alexander Academy offer exceptional value, as the families hosting students are meticulously chosen to create a welcoming and comfortable environment that resembles a “home away from home” for the students.

Our Services 

We offer pre-evaluation of your documents including transcripts and English language proficiency results prior to applying to your program of choice. Additionally, we offer assistance and provide guidance in constructing optimal resumes and personal statements if required for admission. lastly we provide a checklist of all the required documents for admission and assist you with applying for residency as well.